A few months after posting "Six Peaks" online, I accidentally discovered that the image was picked up by newspapers and web sites from around the world as an example of what should be built! It was very exciting! One mention in particular caught my attention. It came from the web site of Ricky Seabra, http://www.rickyseabra.com/, a Brazilian-American artist, performer, designer, living in Amsterdam. In his web log he mentioned that he liked my design and wanted to contact me, but he couldn't find me. He requested that I contact him. So I did ! Ricky is currently performing in a one man show in Europe called "Airplanes & Skyscrapers" in which he relates his thoughts and observations about the effects of 9/11 on himself and the world.

I soon found out that Ricky wanted me to collaborate with him on other projects. Our first collaboration was as a design team to produce Ricky's proposal for the official 9/11 memorial competition. Ricky supplied the sketches, concepts and philosophies and I supplied the architectural renderings and a bit of consulting. Our finished boards made it to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's headquaters in the last week of June 03, just in time!

To read Ricky's account of our collaboration Click here.

UPDATE 11/19/03

A handful of proposals have been chosen and unfortunately our proposal was not among them. Still, I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to take part in this historic event. No matter what is ultimately built on the WTC site, I will always know that I was part of the process! Our entry will be cataloged and archived as part of the living memorial to those murdered on September, 11, 2001. What started out as my own private act of healing (Six Peaks), has blossomed into something much bigger and more meaningful than I could have imagined!

Working with Ricky was great fun! We've become good friends and we continue to collaborate on other projects. And...we will finally meet face to face for the first time (at Ground Zero) in December!

UPDATE 12/15/03

On Saturday (12/13/03), Ricky and I finally met face to face in New York City! We arranged to meet at the new pedestrian bridge at the corner of West and Vesey Streets, at Ground Zero. He thought I would be taller, I thought he would be shorter.

We took a little time overlooking the WTC site and looking at the competition finalists, on display at the Wintergarden.

The rest of the day (and evening) was spent meeting friends, culminating with a great show at the Loser's Lounge at Fez, under the Time Cafe.

A couple of times, while laughing with friends, Ricky and I would look at each, suddenly remembering that we never met before! We've come to know each other so well via phone and email, that I feel like I've known Ricky for years.

Ricky and I continue to work together, as I produce animations for his new show "Isadora.orb, The Final Metaphor".

UPDATE 03/03/04

A few months ago the LMDC suggested that they would display all of the original presentation boards of all the submitted competitors. Many wondered how and where it was possible to display all 5201 presentations. Well, now all the entries can be viewed on the LMDC web site. http://www.wtcsitememorial.org/submissions.html

"Browse By Country" and select the The Netherlands. Click on Ricky's name (Seabra, Richard) and you can view our original entry board.