Here are the floor plans of the first and second floors of 92 Second Street. The red figures show where the bodies were discovered. The shaded areas are the rooms we occupied. The third floor was an attic with bedrooms, including the maid's room.

We spent the evening with Eleanor and five other guests. Two were middle-aged sisters and a twenty-something daughter who had rooms in the attic. They were acting a little smug, thinking their rooms were "safe" because no murders happened there. Later, they learned that the attic has earned the reputation as the most "active" part of the house! Their expressions were priceless!

A married couple around our age were originally supposed to stay in Bridget's room in the attic, but due to a cancellation, they were given the opportunity to stay in the Guest Room. The wife didn't know it was Abby's murder room until she happened to notice the Police photo of Abby's body, which hangs on the wall over the spot she died. Of course, her husband knew all along.

At 8:00 PM, Eleanor (a retired Dental Assistant) sat down with all of us in the Parlor and began to tell the tale of the murders. We slowly moved from room to room as she explained details of August 4th, 1892, and the "paranormal" events which have since taken place. In the murder rooms, she demonstrated how the murderer got into position and whacked each body. She particularly seemed to enjoy wielding her invisible hatchet over Abby Borden's spot, describing how the blood spattered with each swing. (We later watched several video documentaries such as Sightings and Unsolved Mysteries, where Eleanor is interviewed and is shown again and again, swinging her invisible hatchet. It gave us all a laugh every time we saw it!)

In Lizzie's bedroom, we saw a collection of her books and other personal artifacts.

(Looking in to Lizzies bedroom from the landing. The open door in the back leads to Andrew and Abby's (our) room .)

(Jenni inspects one of Lizzie's dresses)

(On display in the guest room was a dress worn by Elizabeth Montgomery when she played the part of Lizzie)

(Above is the main foyer by the front door, leading to the Sitting Room and infamous sofa. Right: The main staircase leading to the Guest Room and Lizzie's room. Another of Lizzie's dresses can be seen in the lower left corner)

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