Ray Keim

Attraction Development / Digital Illustrator
Concept Designer /Dimensional Designer

Ray Keim ( raykeim.com ) is a seasoned entertainment and attraction designer with over 15 years of experience working at Universal, Orlando, as well as other theme parks and attractions worldwide.
Ray directs, conceives and produces digital illustrations, concept art, interactive game design, scenic design, props and scale models for theme parks and attraction development. Also experienced in film, television, live stage and the web. Team leader, art manager and design mentor.

• Visual Art Director- Expert digital artist. Excels at translating abstractions, concepts, scenic directions and information design into compelling visuals, models, sets, animations and design packages.

• Accomplished interactive media and game designer. Designs compact, rich imagery, concise user interfaces and immersive digital media experiences. Sound understanding of technical specs and new technologies. Experienced designer for RFID interactive games and social media.

• Dimensional designer. Able to visualize spatial relationships and produce scenic designs, scale models, props, "pop-ups" and dimensional paper illustrations and sculpture.

Online, Ray is known for his web site, "Haunted Dimensions.

Email Ray at raykeim3d@gmail.com