Ray Keim

Attraction Development / Digital Illustrator
Concept Designer /Dimensional Designer

Ray Keim is an accomplished designer and artist with a versatile background as Art Director, concept illustrator, scenic & show set designer, dimensional designer, interactive game designer, , writer, prop fabricator, sculptor and scale model designer/builder.

Industries have include major theme parks and resorts, marketing, medical/ pharmaceutical, film, television, live stage and the web. Art Director, team leader, art manager and design mentor.

• Attraction and Show Development Concept Artist. Excels at translating abstractions, concepts, scenic directions and information design into compelling visuals, environments, concept art, animations and design packages.

• Interactive Media and Game Designer. Designs compact, rich imagery, concise user interfaces and immersive digital media experiences. Has a sound understanding of technical specs and new technologies.

• Dimensional Designer. Able to visualize spatial relationships and produce scenic designs, scale models, prop fabrication and sculpture. Extensive experience in translating architectural plans and elevations into real-world scale models, prototypes, and proof of concept mock-ups. Experienced with 3d software, 3d printing and laser cutting.

Online, Ray is known for his web site, "Haunted Dimensions.

Email Ray at raykeim3d@gmail.com